Wyatt Glyn-Williams - TRAFFIC MONETIZE LLC.

Location : Orlando, Florida | Marketing and Advertising

Wyatt is the Founder and sets the high paced business direction of the company and oversees all 6 of the in house platforms, including all aspects of strategic use of operations and technology, campaign management, business process improvement, risk management and financial administration. Since he architected the original Adscampaign.com platform v1 back in 2005, the platform has evolved into the company's vehicle for driving brand media across the web.

Wyatt also has a strong passion for cutting edge technologies. Wyatt continues to build multiple platforms to become the ultimate one-stop-shop in the 21st century. Currently expanding the display, search, affiliate, mobile & video advertising spaces and delivering media in more than 40 countries and over 50 billion impressions per month.

His goal is to revolutionize search, display, video & mobile advertising for brand marketers by delivering high-definition brand content across the web. His inspiration for online internet advertising began from creating his first MP3 website back in 1997, and trading several thousand hit between his mp3 exchange peers. The rest is history.

Wyatt and his very experienced team is dedicated to continue working with small, medium , and large companies to monetize, and increase ROI for products & services in over 30 niche categories.

To connect with Wyatt visit : http://www.linkedin.com/in/wyattglynwilliams